The Collection

The Carpet Python Complex​​​​​​

West Papuan Carpet Python
Morelia spilota harrisoni

I am working with a large group of this form of carpet python. I believe there is a ton of selective breeding potential with this subspecies. The popular name in the reptile hobby for this form is, Irian Jaya or IJ.
Coastal Carpet Python
Morelia spilota mcdowelli

I am working with a large group of this form of carpet python. I think this subspecies has a ton of potential for selective breeding. I would venture to guess that the coastal carpet is the most variable of the carpet pythons.
Jungle Carpet Python
Morelia spilota cheynei
This is probably on the most popular subspecies of carpet pythons. It is very hard to beat yellow and black.
I have just recently started to put toghther a breeding group of JCP's that will be ready to breed in 2019.

Darwin Carpet Python
Morelia spilota varigata

This subspecies was one that I dreamed about having in the collection and I was beyond excited when I was able to add them into my group. This is another subapecies that has a ton of selective breeding potential. I am excited to breed these guys in the upcoming years.
Diamond Python
Morelia spilota spilota
This is another amazing subspecies and probably one of the least understood. There is a lot of mis-information when it comes to the care and breeding of this subspecies.

Inland Carpet Python
Morelia spilota metcalfei

This susbapecies was another one that was a "oneday, maybe" species and now I am working with a nice group of this subspecies. This suspecies' color is very hard to capture on film, but when you see one in person........well, you will see.


Centralian Python
Morelia bredli

This species is not really a carpet python but has always been lumped in with the carpet complex. It has always been a full species that has often been confused as a spilota subspecies.
They are amazing captives and are an amazing red color.
Carpet Python Morph Page

Check out our carpet python morph page.
I am working with all of the carpet python morphs that are avaiable in the US.
I work with both pure and designer morph projects.

Carpet Python Locality Page

Check out our carpet python locality page.
I am working with all of the carpet python localities that are avaiable in the US.

The Scrub Python Complex​​​​

Southern Scrub Python

Northern Scrub Python

Tanimbar Scrub Python

Moluccan Scrub Python

Highland Scrub Python

Halmahera Scrub Python

The Green Tree Python Complex​​​​​

Northern Green Tree Pythons

Southern Green Tree Pythons

Designer Green Tree Pythons

Rough Scaled Pythons​​

Rough Scaled Python

​​Boelens Pythons​​

Boelens Python